NTM ROI Seed Capital LP wish to apply for planning permission for the redevelopment of the Nolans Seafood Ltd site at Rathdown Road for the purposes of student accommodation.

The proposed development will comprise the demolition of the existing buildings on the site, extending to 0.43 ha, and the provision of 289 no. student accommodation units over 2 no. blocks ranging in height from 3 no. storeys to 7 no. storeys and comprising 47 no. clusters comprising a variety of 4, 6, 7 and 8 no. bedrooms respectively. 6 no. disabled access rooms are provided. Block A to the west extends to 3 no. storeys, with Block B to the east falling in height from 7 no. storeys at its most northerly point to 5 no. storeys moving south. Total gross floor area equates to 8,595.6 sq.m.

The proposed development includes a reception and administrative area, laundry room, gym, internal amenity areas, study rooms in both blocks and a TV room. Internal amenity space totals 538.5 sq.m External landscaped amenity space is provided through a combination of shared surfaces, recreational and sports areas and seating, in combination with balconies and a roof terrace at fifth storey level, totalling 1602.4 sq.m. Total amenity space equates to 2,140.9 sq.m.

A specified set down area is located in the southern part of the site in close proximity to the entrance. 90 no. secure bicycle parking spaces are also provided. All ancillary servicing, refuse storage, and infrastructure is included within the application site, with plant enclosed at roof level at Block B. The proposals also include the upgrade of access laneway linking the site to Rathdown Road and provision of a pedestrian route.